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Biohazard Cleanup Services

Why We Do Biohazard Cleanup

We started our biohazard cleanup company in Missouri to help customers who have had a family member die or a tragic accident that left them with blood and human fluids to be cleaned. In many of the cities we service in Missouri these customers and family members had no options available to them. They were left without a way to get their home cleaned and restored to a safe condition. So we founded MissouriCleanIt to help solve these problems. Now we serve over 50 communities in the state and have helped hundreds of families repair and clean the biohazard damages caused by a death or accident at their property.

How To Clean A Biohazard

First, it is important to not attempt to clean a biohazard yourself. It should be left to be done by our skilled professionals who are licensed trauma cleanup technicians. We put a lot of effort and care into any of the homes we clean and work to sanitize the property to be free of any blood-borne pathogens and other health hazards. Below are some of the common steps taken for us to clean a home that has biohazards. This illustration is an example of how a biohazard cleanup may be done, however, every home we clean has different sets of circumstances and limitations involved. It is important to consult one of our trauma cleanup technicians to best determine how we will clean your home. Customers can expect when they call us caring and compassionate staff which will help you better understand the various processes necessary to complete the biohazard cleaning. Our services are available in most locations in Missouri and when you call our toll-free number we will connect you to our closest office.

Step 1: Initial Assessment and Planning

Hazmat cleaners begin by assessing the scene to determine the extent of contamination, the type of biohazardous materials present, and the scope of the cleanup required.

Our trauma cleanup technicians will identify potential hazards, assess the need for personal protective equipment (PPE), and plan the cleanup process to ensure safety and thoroughness.

Step 2: Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Our hazmat cleaners put on full PPE, including gloves, masks or respirators, goggles, coveralls, and sometimes additional protective gear like boot covers.

Properly using PPE is crucial to minimize the risk of exposure to biohazardous materials during the cleanup process. Keeping our cleaners safe as well as enabling us to be able to handle the materials we are removing.

Step 3: Containment and Isolation

  1. Hazmat cleaners set up containment barriers around the affected area using plastic sheeting and caution tape. This prevents the spread of contaminants to other parts of the property.
  2. Air scrubbers or negative air machines may be used to maintain air quality by filtering and venting contaminated air outside.

Step 4: Removal of Biohazardous Materials

Using specialized tools and techniques, hazmat cleaners carefully remove all visible and potentially contaminated materials. This includes blood, bodily fluids, tissues, and any items that can’t be effectively cleaned.

Biohazardous waste is placed in labeled, leak-proof containers for proper disposal according to regulations. Any furniture removed or large items are bubble sealed wrapped and placed in a large containment unit, preventing any leakage of the blood or biohazard materials.

Step 5: Cleaning and Decontamination

We use a cleaning process that involves using hospital-grade disinfectants and specialized cleaning agents to thoroughly clean all surfaces. Every inch is sterilized and cleaned to eliminate biohazards and pathogens. If the surface is porous or not sealed properly it may need to be removed and the trauma cleanup technicians can better explain this when you call.

The surfaces are scrubbed, wiped down, and sanitized to ensure no traces of contamination remain. An overall bio-wash is done to eliminate anything to ensure we get the home back to you in a safe and sanitary condition.

Step 6: Disposal of Contaminated Materials

Contaminated materials, cleaning supplies, and disposable PPE are sealed in biohazard bags or containers and disposed of as medical waste. Essentially anything we remove and anything we use during the cleaning that has biohazards will need to be sent to the incineration facility we choose to use in Missouri.

Our biohazard cleaning company will follow strict guidelines for transporting and disposing of biohazardous waste in accordance with local regulations for Missouri.

Step 7: Testing and Verification

After the cleanup is complete, our hazmat cleaners may use specialized testing kits to verify that the area is free from biohazards and pathogens. This depends on what type of biohazard scene we are cleaning.

Step 8: Documentation

Comprehensive documentation is crucial for legal and insurance purposes. Our company or trauma cleanup technicians will document the entire process, including before-and-after photos, detailed reports, and a record of items disposed of and where it is disposed of.

Step 10: Final Inspection

Typically when the biohazard cleaning and restoration is completed the customer is taken through the walk-through of the room or rooms we had to clean with a supervisor.

Need Help Scheduling Biohazard Cleaning in Missouri?

MissouriCleanIt and our staff of trauma cleanup technicians make scheduling your home for cleaning and restoration easy and straightforward. When you call us we will place you with a customer advocate who will help explain the process, answer any questions, and get a team scheduled to look over and inspect the biohazard damage at your home. Our staff is caring and compassionate professionals who want to be of assistance to you. Although we need to get some information on what happened to cause the biohazards and the area in the home affected, we try to not make customers relive the trauma. Once we find our what happened we can better assess the number of trauma cleanup technicians to send to the property.

Locations in Missouri can get same-day scheduling for biohazard cleanup in Missouri
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Contact us today and find out how our biohazard and trauma cleanup services can help restore your home. With multiple locations in Missouri we work in we can quickly get to your property and begin the restoration efforts.

We can help you with biohazard cleanup and restoration in Missouri

With our licensed trauma cleanup technicians and hazmat cleaners, we can help clean homes with biohazards due to suicide, homicide, or unattended death. Call us today to find out more.



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